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General Support

For help with installation and how to use the program please refer to Discord. Please note that support for Shinobi is limited. Detailed support related to your system or setup in specific may require the purchase of a support package.

This contact form is for business inquiries and partnership proposals. If you would like to become a reseller of Shinobi support packages and cloud hosting head on over to our Affiliage page to sign up and gain a percentage of services offered by Shinobi.

Before Contacting

Please read the docs to make sure you are up to date with the currently provided information about the the software. Questions that have information already provided in the documentation may be discarded without notice.

Feature Requests

You may place your requests in the #suggestions section on the forum. Developer efforts are limited. If you would like to have us put more priority on your requests you may want to consider a contribution through a support package.

Support packages tremendously boost development as it supports the developers working on the project.

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