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H.264 over rtsp://

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          1.0IP, 1.0OMPIPCAMERA, 4036, 5024SW, 5033SW, 5033SW-UK, 720P, 720PWIFIONVIF, 7889BF, 794D6E, CAM5, GROSS, IPC-5029, IPC-5030BSW-EU, IPC-5030BSW-UK, IPC-5033-SW, P2PIP, SN-IPC5033SW-UK, SN-IPC-4014SW-AU, SN-IPC-4015SW-AU, SN-IPC-4036SW-AU, SN-IPC-5033CSW-AU, SN-IPC-5033SW, SN-IPC5034CSW-UK, SZSCAM
          Camera URL information and camera brand list are from iSpyconnect