Shinobi Pro

Shinobi Pro is for Business and Enterprise Installations


Updates will be as it was before the introduction of Pro and CE. Shinobi Pro will get regular updates to the dev branch. When stable it will be merged to master. If the update is critical it will be merged to CE.


Support for Shinobi is provided only to Pro subscribers. Once you have an active subscription you will be emailed an invite for the Shinobi Pro community chat. This community is separate from the Shinobi CE chat.


Shinobi Pro is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0. This means that you will be required to have a subscription to use Shinobi Pro in commercial locations.

Shinobi Pro without a Subscription

You can use Shinobi Pro for personal use without a license in non commercial locations, for educational, or simple testing. Schools, Colleges, and Universities do not require a subscription.

What is commercial use or a commercial location?

Locations that engage in the buying and selling of goods and services. Using Shinobi in an application or scheme that results in economical gain - Example : making an isolated account and charging for it